Well, what can I say, here is a little about me and how I got into the creative spin that I live in now....

Hi, I’m Gemma, originally from a little village on the Surrey/Hampshire border, a gorgeous part of the world on the outskirts of the Surrey Hills but now live in Sunny Swindon, with my wife and our two dogs. I do love being in the country side, just on the edge of the idyllic Cotswolds.

Anyway, moving on to the relevant stuff…

I think I was very, very, lucky and was born with creativity in my blood. My Father, an incredibly talented pencil artist and my Mother, who pretty much smashes everything & anything creative, instilled into me that I can make anything myself if I want/need to. Our household was very much a DIY household growing up, if we wanted something to look nice, WE made it look nice. I was always allowed to help with big projects and learnt so much in doing so. Whilst living at home I made Radiator covers, Fake Mantel Pieces for electric fires, Storage systems and even a bicycle trailer for my dog, Oscar (which he hated I must add, but it did work).

I think this way of thinking predominantly trickled down from my late Grandad along with my love for Woodworking and practical projects. I spent a lot of time with him in his workshop watching him make various different things, helping out where I was allowed, which wasn't very often, but I loved it nonetheless. I recall very fond memories.

I have always been a very creative and practical person, I have dyslexia and dyscalculia so have never been very good at the academic stuff. I have never let it hold me back though, gaining first GCSE's, then AS & A-Levels and finally a Batchelor of Arts Honours degree.

University was never in the pipeline for me through school, but hearing about a course in Product design, from a lovely friend working as a temp with me at M&S, something sparked.

I had never heard of it before but if you think about it everything we use from a pen to a car needs designing, engineering and manufacturing for our use. I went home and researched it myself and it was exactly what I loved doing. From an initial idea of a product & problem solving; designing every aspect; to making the prototype myself in the workshops. So, I took the leap and went for it.

A highlight of my time at Uni was my year’s placement at SSP Water and Play. Working as an assistant designer, I designed playgrounds and splash parks for children, along with marketing materials and sales. My biggest achievement during my time there, was working alongside the design manager and Pepper Pigs licensing team, to bring the 'Muddy Puddles' splash park in Peppa Pig World to life and create what you can still see there today.

After Uni, as many others, I found it very, very difficult to find a career in the field I wanted and had worked so hard to gain a degree in. Without experience no one would give me a second glance, but how was I to gain experience if no one would give me a chance… I think this is a battle many face when leaving university. So I ended up in Personal and Social Care, which I loved but it wasn’t my passion.

One day, my mum was watching one of these DIY programmes, where they had a woodturner making a special personalised plate. She told me to watch it and see what I thought, again I had never heard of woodturning, so I had a look. And guess what…. I loved it!!! Being creative, arty AND with gorgeous wood, I was desperate to have a go!!!

My Dad and I researched it and found a course nearby. 2 days of learning the tools, the wood, the grain and how to make some beautiful shapes, I didn't know existed in wood work and then, of course, the finishes...I completely fell in Love with woodturning!

Fast forward 5 years and I now have a little workshop in my garden. Having made hundreds of different items mainly custom and personalised, I am still completely in love with the creative art.

Head to the Gallery to see lots of examples of my work in progress as well as some favourite pieces of mine.

Since having my little workshop my creative flare has risen, finding love in different projects other than woodturning and woodwork, I have hand made wedding centre pieces and decorations, designed wedding stationary ready for print, as well as logos and rebranding ideas. I have painted wall murals, done some garden landscape design, with different decking projects, designed custom radiator covers….the list goes on.

I love problem solving and designing solutions, whether it be for the house, garden or anything else. I love any jobs that can get my creative juices flowing no matter how big or small.

So if you have an idea and don't know where to start get in touch......